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Five Elements of a Strong Social Security Disability Claim

Five Elements of a Strong Social Security Disability Claim

You lost your job and you believe you cannot work. Can you turn to Social Security Disability?

Your Age: 

Standardized savings makes it exceptionally difficult for a youngster to get handicap. Who is a youngster? Government disability arranges anybody under age 50 in the youthful class. Yet, regardless of whether you are in the 50-54 classification it is as yet going to be difficult to get incapacity yet on the off chance that you are 55 are over it gets simpler. it gets much simpler in the event that you are 60 years old or more seasoned.

Your Past Work:

 Your past work can be very important when it comes to disability. If all you have done in the past is manual labor and you cannot do this anymore this can give you a strong case depending on your age. On the other hand, if you have done sit-down work of a light nature such as secretarial work in the last 15 years you will have a tough time getting disability.

Your Skills and Education:

If you are a highly skilled and educated worker, then this can present a problem for your disability case. Social Security looks at transferable skills. If you have great skills then even though you cannot do your current job, your skills could transfer to a lighter job you can do. At your hearing in front of the judge, Social Security will have a vocational expert present who can testify about whether your skills will transfer to a light or sedentary job.

Your Disability Must be Permanent:

 If you have had a car accident or a serious operation, you may be currently "disabled" by your impairment but this does not end the inquiry. You still will have to show your disability will last more than 12 months in order for you to have a good disability case.

Medical Support for Your Disability:

 You have lost your employment. You have been laid off. You can't get a new line of work. You have an illness or a clinical hindrance. This is useful however except if your medicinal services suppliers bolster your case for incapacity you despite everything don't have a decent inability case. Also, on the off chance that you have a specific clinical impedance, at that point you need a master in that field to treat you and give a supposition with respect to your capacity to work. You might be inspected by Social Security specialists yet those assessments are superficial in nature and they once in a while discover an individual handicapped. 

In rundown, these are the five basic variables I take a gander at when I decide whether you have a decent Social Security Disability Case.

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