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Trump says he’s feeling ‘much better now’ in video update from Walter Reed

Trump says he’s feeling ‘much better now’ in video update from Walter Reed

President Trump spoke Via video from Walter Reed Medical Center
State update him condition. This is what the president said:

>> I want to thank everyone, Doctors and nurses in Walter Reed Medical Center.
I came here, I didn't feel like it
I feel much better now. We are working hard to get you All the way back.
I have to come back because we are, I still need to make America great one more time.
You did a good job at that. But we have steps to go, we have
To finish this job.
I think I will be back soon. I look forward to completion Campaign by sorts The numbers we were doing.
We were proud of him.
This is something for him Event.
It happened to millions People all over the world.
Not only in the United States.
I fight for them everywhere the world.
We will overcome this Coronavirus or whatever you want Call it and we'll bite Salim.
Many things have happened. If you look at the treatments I'm taking.
Others will be released soon They are honestly miracles.
People criticize me when I say that.
But we have things going on That seem like miracles It comes from God.
I want to tell you that I am ,I'm starting to feel good.
You don't know him the next day A few days period, I think This is the real test.
So we'll see what happens The next two days.
I just wanna be so thankful To all supporters look,Whether it's on TV or Read about it.
Most of all I appreciate what is It was said about America By almost bipartisan The consensus of the American people.
It is beautiful to see, I appreciate it very much.
I will not forget him.
I promise you.
I also want to thank the leaders The world is for them My condolences and they know what We are going through.
they know as your leader what i have to go through.
but i had no choice because i just didn’t want to stay in the white house.
stay in the white house, lock yourself in, don’t ever leave.
don’t go to the oval office.
stay upstairs and enjoy it. don’t see people, don’t talk to people and be done with it.
and i can’t do that.
i had to be out front.
this is america.
this is the united states.
this is the greatest country in the world.
this is the most powerful country until world.
i can’t be locked upstairs in a room and be totally safe and say
whatever happens, happens.
i can’t do that.
we have to confront problems.
as a leader you have to con front problems.
there has never been a great leader that would have done that.
i am doing well.
i want to thank everybody. our first lady is doing very well.
melania asked me to saysomething as to the respect she has for our country, the love she has for our country.
we are both doing well.
melania is really handling it very nicely.
as you probably read, she is slightly younger than me, just a tiny bit.
and we note disease. we know the situation with age versus younger people.
and melania is handling it statistically like it’s supposed to be handled.
and that makes me very happy and makes the country very happy.
but i’m also doing well, and i think we’ll have a very good result.
over the next few days we’ll probably know for sure.
so i just want to thank everybody out there, everybody.
all over the world.
specifically the outpouring of

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