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Who is Doug Emhoff, the husband of "Kamala" Harris?

The husband of Kamala Harris, future Vice-President of the United States, intends to work at the White House on access to justice issues.

If many French people are still discovering Kamala Harris, the next Democratic Vice President of the United States, they should quickly get to know her husband: Douglas Emhoff.

The 56-year-old entertainment lawyer married her in a second marriage in 2014 when she was Attorney General of California. In all likelihood, he will be the very first "Second Gentleman", as the North American media have named him in reference to the designation of the President's wife as "First Lady".

Their love staged on social networks

The couple became in the media across the Atlantic the symbol of a rather modern and progressive American society: "Mr. Emhoff, his ex-wife, his current wife and the children, who call Mrs. Harris "Momala", celebrate Thanksgiving together," wrote the New York Times in August in a portrait dedicated to him.

Emhoff does not hesitate to stage their couple on social networks by publishing for example this Saturday a picture of them embracing after Joe Biden's victory (and thus the final election of Kamala Harris as vice-president). On October 20th, he also posted a photo of them with this caption: "Speed dating, love at first sight, marriage, family, and an incredible life together. Through it all, she is ALWAYS there for me and my family", as we told in the portrait of Kamala Harris.

After campaigning side by side (the New York Times called him a "successful campaign spouse"), both should be working at the White House, according to AFP, since Emhoff said he would be there to work on issues of access to justice for the disadvantaged.

Before taking a leave of absence at the end of August, when Kamala Harris was named Joe Biden's running mate, Emhoff was a partner in a very large law firm, DLA Piper, based in Los Angeles and specializing in media, sports and entertainment. On his Twitter account, the 50-year-old, born in Brooklyn to a Jewish family who later moved to California, introduces himself as "dad, husband of Kamala Harris, lawyer, aspiring golfer, justice and equality advocate.

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