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Top 5 coins that can make you rich in this bull

 through some of these now your second 


cryptocurrency altcoin gem that i believe still has massive upside.

potential and is a very solid project is going to be moonriver now. 

but now i may actually be looking to buy and pick up some moon river personally because we are breaking trend here you.

can see that the trend is definitely being broken and if we go ahead and look back at the last 14 days we are definitely going past some of our resistance points and that to me is showing some strength in this project and let me share with you now more about moon river  about why i actually thought it hadmassive potential  chart you can see moon river came all the way from approximately seventy one dollars and its all-time low was sitting at sixty dollars and went all the way as high as four hundred and ninety four dollars that's very close to an eight to ten x that's why people are very excited about this and also some people made some very nice gains but now you can see.

the hype has kind of died down a little bit and the price is moving back down now personally anything under i believe 200 would be a decent entry point again this is not financial advice but just taking a look at a chart this is basically again if you can scoop some back up here before it made its big massive run anything between 100 120 i do believe that could be a nice little entry point what that would mean is that moon river would be a 200 million dollar market cap now i don't know if it will.

actually go down that low but the reason why i actually really do like this project is for a few reasons and as we're seeing here again it's minus 52.4 from its all-time high and typically anything 50 or below its all-time high it can sometimes be a decent little time. to get an entry now what is moon river why is this actually even important and why would you even consider investing in something like this moon river is a solidity smart contract on kusama it's basically a community-led sister para chain on kusama moonriver is a companion network to the moon beam network and provides a permanently incentivized canary network the new code will ship to moonriver first where it could be tested and verified under real.

economic conditions once proven the same code then will be shipped to moon beam on polka dot so moonriver is basically a test net for moon beam and moon beam is going to be the future of multi-chain and basically another smart contract platform again think something like solana matic polygon finance smart chain and a lot of these other evm compatible chains basically allows developers who are already building on ethereum to come right on over and start developing their products on these new chains now moonbeam is going to be your fourth altcoin gem but moonbeam hasn't even come out yet now the reason why i'm mentioning both of these kiind of in the same little sequence here is because

it's very important for you to understand that moon river is basically.

the test net for all of this now moonriver  is the test net for moon beam and i do Believe that moon beam is going to sink.

its teeth into the polka dot ecosystem ido believe that they're going to win a pair chain slot when that does end up happening in november now again all of this is still speculation we don't know.

What will happen but this team looks incredibly solid and the success of moonriver could lead to even more success of moonbeam if you want to buy some moonriver one of the easiest places to do so would be either on kucoin or kraken , is also an option as well as solar beam so there's another bonus to

Keep an eye out for when moonbeam actually launches you might want to betaking a look at that one becausesuccess normally follows success and this is why moon river is your second cryptocurrency altcoin gem now your.

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