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10 tips to improve your productivity

 Time and workload are the two components of productivity and they don't both go in the same direction. Time is generally inversely proportional to workload: being productive will therefore mean solving the tricky equation "more work and less time". It is not insurmountable and it requires a little method and tricks. Here are 13 tips to help you improve your productivity in an efficient way.

Think about yourself

You are at the heart of the above equation. Your productivity will depend mainly on your emotional and physical state. Moreover, it is important to enjoy what you do and to link your personal goals to your professional ones. So take care of yourself, your morale and your person, and the work will be easier.

Plan ahead

There are many ways to get organized. You can work with a to-do list, but the most effective way is to place tasks in time. Use a schedule and plan your day in 15-minute blocks. This may seem difficult, but it will probably help you get your work done on time.

Look to the medium term

The distant future is certainly important. It is even essential to think about it sometimes in order to draw up plans or dreams. But anticipating too much can also make you lose sight of reality. The long-term impact is essentially the result of your routine tasks. So focus on completing each task one after the other, trying to keep a very clear view of the two weeks only ahead of you.

Sort out

It often happens that we put off what is really important because it represents a difficult mountain to climb. On the contrary, really prioritize what is important for the achievement of your goals. To do this, it is important to sort through the tasks you have to accomplish. Prioritize or rank them so you know where to start and what to focus your energy on.

Avoid distractions

All distractions are great enemies of productivity. And they are legion! Even more so these days when the slightest email or notification makes your smartphone ring. To work efficiently, get rid of everything that is useless around you and keep at your disposal only what you need. Finally, plan specific time slots to make your phone calls and answer your emails.

Start early

Of course, everyone has their own rhythm and habits. But all the studies have shown that morning work is the most productive. The batteries are fresh, the energy is there after a good breakfast: all the parameters are at their best to work efficiently. Isn't it said that a day is earned in the morning?

Work fast

Trying to work fast does not mean rushing things. But set yourself small goals as challenges ("I'm trying to finish this excel spreadsheet before 4pm"). Also try to find "shortcuts" in your tasks in order to save time and don't hesitate to lose time to learn little tricks or train yourself to save time using a specific tool for example.

Take breaks

Working continuously can negatively affect the quality of your work, so it is necessary to take frequent breaks. You can use them to stretch, walk, eat or simply relax. It is also important to have a day or a whole weekend of rest to break the rhythm of work and recharge the batteries to find a better efficiency.

Write down your ideas in a notebook

Have a small notebook that you keep with you at all times. This way, every idea that appears surreptitiously can be noted. The same goes for information that is delivered to you or an action to be accomplished. This little reminder will be much more useful than you think!

Know how to say NO

Knowing how to say no is essential. First, to avoid the distractions and occupations that everyone will want to offer you, but also to refuse additional work or assignments. Be acutely aware of your main mission and your essential goals and try (not always easy) not to deviate from them. It is possible to say no to a superior: with arguments, concrete facts and provided you say yes from time to time anyway!

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