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10 tips to Learn any language quickly

 Have you been taking Spanish since middle school and are still learning the colors? Is it worse in English? We give you 10 tips to learn a language quickly!

It's undeniable that some people are better at learning a language than others, just as some people are naturally better with numbers. However, there are some techniques that can help you be more effective in learning a foreign language.

The goal of self-study is to learn a language in your own way and with the methods that are best suited to your abilities. You are not in a class where you are forced to use this or that technique, so use the methods that you want, don't be closed and use content that interests you because it is the most effective method.

Series and movies in VOSTFR:

One of the best ways to learn a language is to practice and hear it: try to watch as many movies and series as possible in the language you want to master. Leave the subtitles on at first, then remove them as you become more comfortable. Thanks to these listening times you will hear accents and everyday language better. Also, as we said earlier, it is always easier to learn from content that you enjoy. So don't hesitate to watch your favorite series or movies in VO!

Read in a foreign language:

The foreign press will allow you to read and understand the language in a more serious and sustained tone, it is a good training because you can take your time and reread the sentences that are not understood. Don't hesitate to read the articles with a dictionary, so that you can look up the words you don't understand in order to enrich your vocabulary.

Also follow foreign news pages on social networks, and even foreign celebrities or magazines! The more you are immersed in the foreign language, the better you will learn.

Listen to foreign music:

Another idea for learning with content that interests you is music. Why not learn song lyrics or try to understand the songs you listen to?

Language learning sites:

There are many sites to learn foreign languages for free, here is a small tour of free sites:

Memrise (lessons and courses) ;

Duolingo (lesson and course) ;

BBC language (lesson and course) ;

Lang8 (you write in the language you are learning and native speakers correct you).

Diversify your learning sources:

Think that you need to diversify the media you use to learn a language: films, books, music, everything is good for learning but the different tools at your disposal will allow you to improve different areas such as speaking, understanding and speaking. Aim for a wide range and don't limit yourself in terms of learning materials.

Dare to speak without fear:

The most important thing when learning a language is not to be afraid to express yourself, to speak with an accent without sounding stupid. If you have the opportunity to speak with a person who speaks the language, go all out: at best, he or she will correct you, at worst he or she will not understand you and you can make adjustments.

Those who are the best at a language are those who put in the effort to speak it, taking into account the vocabulary as well as the pronunciation.

Practice with someone:

The best way to learn a language is to practice it. Find a partner to communicate with to perfect both speaking and listening skills. You can also correct each other and test each other on vocabulary.

Learn phrases, not just words:

It's hard to really speak a language when you're learning it word by word, so focus on phrases or situations. This way, you will be able to put them back into a discussion more easily. Also, with this technique, you will better understand the way the language is constructed.

Talk to yourself in the language:

If you don't have anyone to practice with, imagine situations and talk to yourself. Of course, this will be less effective than with a real person, but you can always improve your spontaneity when speaking!

Immersion in a foreign country:

To practice speaking a language, there's nothing better than a trip abroad, whether it's as part of your studies where you'll meet local students, or for an internship where you'll be required to practice the language. You will hear all kinds of accents and your vocabulary will be enriched with local jargon.

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