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3 tips for writing a good cover letter

 In most cases, recruiters select several resumes and then read the associated cover letters. Your cover letter should not be detrimental to your application.

Here are a few tips for writing a good cover letter.

Tip 1: The cover letter is not a rehash of the CV

If your CV relates the past, the cover letter must allow you to project yourself into the future. This letter should not be a rehash of your CV.

Tip 2: You must prove your motivation for the position

In your cover letter, you should not just state your motivation, but demonstrate it and argue it. You must explain how the job opportunity is in line with your career plan. When reading it, the recruiter should immediately understand why you are applying.

Tip n°3: a cover letter is always composed of 3 parts

Regardless of the order in which you organize your ideas, you must imperatively include 3 paragraphs to detail the following points:

"You": why I am interested in you;

"Me": what I can bring to you;

"We": what we can do together.

Most of the defects encountered in cover letters are that they do not identify the recruiter's needs. The "You" is often non-existent or not developed enough.

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