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6 Highly Valued Qualities for Working on the Internet

To work on the Internet, it is good to be endowed with or to develop certain qualities that are highly appreciated to succeed in the web world. When we see on social networks, the dream life of some entrepreneurs who started by creating a simple online business. We can easily imagine ourselves in their place, with our feet in a fan by the pool, sipping a good cocktail!

1. Curiosity

Learn, train, be open-minded, test new tools, new strategies. The world of the web evolves very quickly, you have to know how to adapt quickly if you want to work on the internet.

To work on the internet, you have to know how to feed your mind and be curious. It is a necessary quality to learn to master the different fields: SEO, social networks, website creation, video editing, copywriting and web writing, web marketing, etc...

Being curious is not a bad thing anymore, if you want to work on the internet!

2. Discipline

Most mumpreneurs work from home. But it is even easier than at the office to get distracted by a lot of things and leave your work aside. Procrastination is always on the lookout for the slightest drop in energy or motivation, to jump on its target!

The absence of a framework, of schedules, and of a boss to whom one must report, makes it very, very, very .... difficult to resist distractions.

If you're considering working online, I recommend that you set up a schedule, goals, and a framework for yourself to focus, even if it's not easy.

Discipline is essential, so trust my experience: setting up productive routines and habits as soon as possible will prevent you from getting caught.

3. Organization

Prepare your events: live events, webinars, launches, etc. It is important to have a minimum number of people present. Improvisation can be fun sometimes, but it can't be a habit, a long-term way of operating.

Your audience needs to be informed well in advance to attend live events and webinars.
Your partners need time to prepare the promotion of your product via articles, social media posts, videos, podcasts, ...
Your customers need a precise date for the delivery of the sold services ... and all this is organized!
Working on the internet also requires organization! You will realize very quickly that you have a lot of things to do, and that the days and weeks go by very quickly!

If you want to work on the internet and generate sufficient income think about setting up a good organization.

5. Creativity

Having a developed creative inspiration is a real asset to work on the internet. We constantly need to create content: article, podcast, video, post, newsletter, training... and so on!

Without creativity, we quickly run out of ideas!

The visual part is also important when you work on the internet, if only for the user experience on your website for example.

This is even more true on some social networks like Instagram, or search engines like Pinterest. You take care of your feed, you like to make your followers dream, and it pays off!

The subscribers respond and the visibility of the account increases. Without a visual identity and without creativity, you quickly find yourself drowned in the mass and you go totally unnoticed!


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