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6 proven benefits of meditation


Today's fast-paced lifestyle can affect your mood, productivity and the way you feel under pressure. It can also have a bad impact on your health, such as depression or burnout.

You should know that meditation is good for your health and can be the solution to your daily problems. By practicing meditation, you will feel better and healthier.

Here are the top 6 reasons to start meditating.

1. Reduce stress

First of all, meditation is good for your health because it is a good way to reduce your stress.

This is because endorphins, your body's stress-relieving chemical hormones, will be released through the secretion of the pituitary gland. This is why you will feel better about yourself.

One study showed that meditation reduces stress by 50% in adults. This is especially true for people who are more affected by stress in general.

So, by meditating, you might stop worrying about your little problems and think less bad in your daily life. For example, you will not be drawn to your buzzing phone and you will control your anxiety at the same time.

2. Improve concentration

After reducing your stress, meditation will allow you to be more focused. You will learn to be fully involved in the tasks you are doing. This will be reflected in your daily life.

In addition, your mind will naturally focus, which will improve your efficiency and productivity.

Meditation can also help you bounce back from distractions by strengthening your brain's neural circuits. You'll be less drawn to all the notifications on your phone!

Plus, meditation is good for your health and helps treat attention deficit disorder (ADD). One study shows that by simply practicing simple breathing, students restore their attention, are calmer and more focused. 

3. Better sleep

Second, a large portion of the population has difficulty sleeping. That's why they don't rest well or simply don't sleep enough. Meditation could be a solution to get a better sleep.

Indeed, it has been proven that people who practice meditation fall asleep earlier and stay asleep longer than others.

Thanks to the relaxation part, meditation allows you to release your tensions and will bring peace to your mind.

4. Increase your overall happiness level

As with the stress-reducing part, endorphin plays an important role here. In fact, this hormone will have positive and healthy effects on your entire body.

Moreover, your brain activity will be stimulated by endorphins to enhance the area that has positive effects on your feelings. This way, you will promote your emotional health with a better self-image and more positive emotions.

NCBI studies have proven this fact in over 4600 adults who practice meditation.

Thus, meditation is good for your health and can also generate kindness towards yourself, which can help you connect with other people.

5. Improve your social interactions

Because a few minutes of meditation can increase your positive feelings, you will be more open-minded and more open to talking with other people. Your social interactions will increase, and not just in your meditation group.

Also, at first you will improve your feelings about yourself, but over time these feelings will extend to other people. Thus, your goodness will be increased, shared and you will radiate more happiness.

Other NCBI studies show that in couples, people have fewer problems and conflicts with the practice of loving-kindness and compassion meditation.

6. Relieve your pain

Subsequently, after practicing meditation for a while, you will relieve and feel less pain. The perceptions of your pain are equated with your state of mind, which is how meditation will help you.

Again, NCBI studies show that people who meditate have less discomfort or chronic pain. This is a proven fact about their mind but also about their body.

Finally, another study showed that patients with terminal illnesses found that meditation helped them relieve chronic pain.

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