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7 essential criteria to choose your gym

 Choosing your gym is an important step when you start weight training, and for good reason! To progress in weight training, there is no secret, you have to be regular. And to succeed in keeping your commitments, it is better to put all the chances on your side.

It is not by choosing just any gym that you will succeed in obtaining results, but by choosing it wisely.

Here are the 7 essential criteria to help you find the gym that best suits you:

1. Proximity to your home/office

First, look for rooms that are close to your home or work.

Location is a key factor. You will never be motivated to drive 15 minutes (or more) to do your training several times a week.

The ideal is to find a gym that is halfway between your work and your home. This way you can easily fit your workout into your schedule.

Bonus, if you join a gym that belongs to a group like :

Fitness Park

L'orange bleue


L'Appart Fitness

Keep Cool


There is a good chance that you will always find a gym even when you are away (at least for France). So if your professional or personal situation often leads you to travel, take this criterion into account.

2. The atmosphere

To choose the best gym, the atmosphere is a very important point! Remember that the goal is to come back often. If you don't feel comfortable in this new environment, you clearly won't want to spend much time there.

Choose a gym that you will enjoy coming back to. The profile and mentality of the members should match what you are looking for:

For example, if you want to push your limits, join a gym where people compete;

If you want to keep working out as a hobby, choose a gym where you see people laughing and chatting, it's a place to relax;

Maybe you are part of a group that already does sports. In this case, test the experience in the same place as them.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the room you are joining.

3. The opening hours

The hours and days of operation also play a big part in the choice you make.

It seems logical, but if you choose a gym without taking this into account, chances are you will be cheated: either because the gym closes early / opens late, or because it is not open every day. This is sometimes the case with some discount venues.

So if you need to come and train late, or on certain days, make sure that the gym you choose allows it.

4. The price

Ah the price, it is the nerve of the war! It is clear that for similar services and equivalent locations, your choice will naturally go towards the gym where the package will be the cheapest, normal.

The good news is that the number of venues has exploded in recent years. Today, many gyms are fighting for as many members as possible, and their first weapon is the price. Thus, most of them have lowered their prices enormously in order to remain attractive. It's time to take advantage of this!

5. Equipment and services

It is essential that you choose a gym that corresponds to the objectives you have set for yourself. Each gym has its own speciality. Some will focus more on weight training, others on cardio, fitness, Crossfit, etc.

Look carefully to see if the gyms you visit have enough equipment to achieve your goal.

If your goal is to build muscle, look for gyms that have plenty of weights and machines. On the other hand, if you want to lose weight, it is more interesting if the gym offers cardio equipment such as rowing machines or bicycles.

The number of machines is very important. If you want to work out but the gym only has a few pieces of equipment, it is clear that you will quickly run out.

Similarly, if you want to work on your cardio but there are only one or two bikes, the machines will often be taken. So pay attention to the number of machines before you sign up.

Also look at whether the services the gym offers are what you are looking for. Do you only need access to the machines? Or would you like to have a personalized follow-up? Coaching? Participate in group classes? Etc.

In any case, before letting yourself be seduced by a gym, always ask yourself if what it offers will allow you to achieve your results.

6. Rush hour traffic

Our professional obligations often mean that we can only train after 5pm or before 8am. These are the times when there are the most people in the gym... If some gyms allow you to work out properly during peak hours, for others it's hell: you have to wait and/or negotiate with other members to use each machine.

Not ideal if you are following a weight training program and want to respect your break times!

Very often, we have this problem in cheap gyms like Basic fit or Fitness Park. The higher you go, the more it will filter the members and you will have less people at peak hours.

7. Maintenance and cleanliness

The last important point to choose your gym is hygiene.

Indeed, don't join a gym if you find it dirty (that's the way to put it ^^). The day you visit, everything must be impeccable. If you already notice things that are not right, what will it be like when you get there?

As for the hygiene, pay attention to the good functioning of the equipment. If you see 10 machines but some of them are out of order, think of it as a red flag. It indicates that the room is not well managed.

In general, the room should be well maintained. If you see things wrong, ask yourself questions. It may mean that the room is being neglected. This is a bad sign.

Conversely, a clean room where all the machines are in working order sends a reassuring signal. Be observant.

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