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Doing nothing in the summer for your job search: a big mistake!


If you were planning to put your job search on hold during the summer, you are on the wrong track!

In this video, we look at the 3 good reasons to open your computer and continue to be active on the job market this summer.

And as a bonus: dive into the hidden job market with me this summer!

The job market is not going on vacation!

It is important to understand that recruiters are not on vacation all summer long and that they also want to anticipate their recruitment to be in the starting block in September. The health crisis has put companies behind schedule.  This summer 2021 will not be a dead season for the job market, believe me!

I'll tell you why it's essential to stay active this summer.

Reason #1: Boom in hiring intentions

First reason to stay active: The economic newspaper Les Echos predicts a very good recovery of the economy and a boom in recruitment intentions since the deconfinement. 

The coming months will be favorable and decisive for those who are looking for a job, it's time to position yourself. 

My advice: set aside an hour during the day (personally, I prefer the morning when you are fresh and available) to consult job sites, answer ads and contact recruiters.

Don't forget to review your resume, your cover letter and your LinkedIn profile. You don't always have

You don't always have time during the year to update your application tools, so take advantage of the summer to do so. 

If you need help to create a resume that gets interviews, sign up for my Masterclass! It will greatly help you write a professional resume. 

Reason #2: Less competition

Second reason to stay active: In the summer, many people go offline, so you'll have less competition when you apply. 

My advice: This is a good time to contact recruiting firms or send unsolicited applications. Fewer people send them during this summer period and your CV will have more chances to be spotted! 

I invite you to watch my video "how to succeed in your spontaneous applications. I'll put the link in the description.

Reason n°3 : Work on your personal branding

Third reason to stay active: summer is the perfect time to work on your personal branding, take stock of your career and your job search. 

Ask yourself what you need to feel good in your professional life and what you don't want anymore? 

My advice: Take the time to reflect!

If you are looking for a job, take stock of what worked and what didn't in your search. This will be an opportunity to optimize your job search strategy and start again in the right direction. 

If you are currently employed but want to change jobs, this is also an opportunity to think about what you want to do next: make a list of your desires! And according to this, start updating your CV of course, looking for companies that might interest you, or training during the summer to acquire new skills that will allow you to find a more interesting job. There are plenty of online training courses available now and you are bound to find what you are looking for. 

It's really important to invest in yourself if you want to take back control of your career.

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