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Food: How to eat well to lose weight?


What to eat to lose weight? A question that everyone asks when they want to lose weight. To lose weight and fat, you must eat everything to have a balanced diet. In short, as the saying goes, "Use everything but abuse nothing!". You must eat to your hunger during meals to avoid snacking throughout the day. But concretely, how to eat better to find a harmonious silhouette? Here are some tips and tricks to rebalance your diet.

Eating well means knowing your daily calorie needs

To lose weight, it is important to know your daily calorie needsBasic metabolism and daily calorie needs. When you are overweight, there is an energy imbalance between the calories consumed and spent. The calories absorbed are then higher than the calories burned, which leads to weight gain.

The calorie needs for your day vary according to your gender, age, body type and activity level. Also, to start a daily diet rebalancing, knowing your daily caloric needs does not mean counting calories at each meal, but rather having a global vision of the number of calories consumed in a day. This allows you to become aware of the benefits of changing your eating habits to lose weight.

Routine and daily gestures to eat better!

To help you lose those extra pounds, we recommend these little slimming tips that will help you change the way you eat:

Plan your menus and meals for the week for a balanced diet according to PNNS (see below)

Do your shopping well

Do not skip meals

Eat at regular times

Eat your meals quietly for 30 minutes, seated and without TV

Reduce the size of your plate

Chew your food well

Avoid taking 2 meals from a dish

Drink a glass of waterBasic metabolism and daily caloric needs before each meal

What to eat to lose weight? Foods to choose and to avoid.

To lose weight, you need to find good eating habits. A varied and balanced diet includes the consumption of foods that are beneficial to your health (fruits, vegetables, starchy foods, fish...) and the reduction of fatty foods (cold cuts, butter, cream...), sweet foods (pastries, sweet drinks...), and salty foods (snack cakes, chips...).

According to the National Nutrition and Health Program (PNNS), it is recommended to have a varied and balanced diet to consume :

Proteins (meat, eggs and fish): 1 to 2 times a day

To lose weight, choose lean meats such as chicken, turkey, veal, etc., and steamed, boiled or grilled fish.

Dairy products: 1 to 2 portions/day

Prefer low-fat, unsweetened yogurt and cottage cheese. Prefer low-fat cheeses such as fromage frais (50 g of fromage frais per day).

Starchy foods: at every meal

Opt for wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, wholemeal rice and cereals. Rich in nutrients and fiber, they have a satiating effect.

Fruits and vegetables: at least 5 per day

Vegetables should be eaten as much as you like, cooked, in soup or as raw vegetables. Choose seasonal vegetables, which will allow you to cook a variety of foods. During a diet, favor low-calorie fruits according to the season.

Water: about 1.5 liters per day

Water is the best drink to keep your figure! Water keeps you hydrated and helps eliminate waste from your body. It also fights against water retention.

Fatty, salty and sweet products: limit them as much as possible

Fatty and sweet products are too high in calories and therefore harmful to the body. The bad fats contained in these foods are stored in different parts of the body and lead to overweight. As for salt, its excessive consumption can have important consequences on health.

We reassure you that taking control of your eating habits is not a simple matter. Rebalancing your diet is not something that can be done overnight. If you make some deviations during a festive meal, they can be corrected by lighter meals afterwards and compensated by a little effort.

And don't forget to practice a sportWhat sports to lose weight and lose weight or physical exercisesWhat physical exercises to lose weight and lose weight! An adapted diet associated with physical activity contributes to limit weight gain but also health problems such as cancers, type 2 diabetes, excess cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases.

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