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How to find the motivation to lose weight?


Keeping motivated when you start a diet is not easy! The desire to lose weight, combined with a few tips, will allow you to avoid cracking and to complete your diet with peace of mind.

Tips and tricks to boost your motivation to lose weight

1/ Start at the right time: Do you really want to lose weight?

To start a weight loss program, you must be in a period that is conducive to change and in good physical and psychological condition. To start your diet, you must be physically and morally fit, have time for yourself and be ready to resume a healthy lifestyle. The desire to lose weight is at the origin of weight lossHow to lose weight and lose weight?. If the motivation is not there, you will have difficulty reaching your goal and you will give up before the end of your diet.

2/ Set a weight loss goalSlimming balance: Calculation of the ideal weight and reasonable and short-term solutions. This way, the results you see will be encouraging and will allow you to continue your program longer.


3/Picture your goal: Calculate your ideal weight and visualize it by pasting the image of your body type and shape that you would like to have on your fridge or on your candy cabinet for example. When you feel demotivated, keeping this image close to you will help you stay on track and focus on your goal.

4/Enter your goal with pleasure: Sports, frustrations related to certain overly restrictive programs and/or an unrealistic weight loss goal can quickly discourage us. The key to success is to enjoy what you are doing once again. Do you want to lose weight and keep it off? Beware of programs that promise rapid weight loss. Give your body time to assimilate the lifestyle change. Don't like working out? Find a more fun way to exercise. Think of physical exercises and other gesturesExercises to lose weight and lose weight of everyday life easy and simple to achieve as climbing stairs, going to the pool, dancing, cleaning, walking. The role of a sports coach who will help you choose a sportWhich sports to lose weight or physical exercises to lose weight according to your physical condition.

5/Maintain a logbook to record your small successes and the follow-up of your program in a general way. This will help you keep track of your efforts and motivate you.

6/Have a nutritionist doctor or dietician help youThe role of a nutritionist doctor or dietician. These health professionals will advise and support you at each of your consultations.

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