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How to manage your time effectively?

 Time is an abstract human construction

The conception of time is an artificial construction of the human being. It is a measurement system invented by man, to give some order and a semblance of meaning to what has already happened, or what will happen. Thanks to this you know that now is different from yesterday and tomorrow.

Centuries, decades, years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, milliseconds, all of these are just terms created so that we can better exercise our control over the passing of time.

And these units of measurement do their job well. Because of this, we have been able to establish a system in which everyone can organize themselves. When you tell your friend to come at 2 p.m., he understands what that means. From this mutual understanding, we can live a more organized and peaceful life.

So you don't need more time, he is always there. What is important is what you do with it.

Managing our activities in a limited time

The real problem is more activities that you have to finish in a limited time. What you need then are better skills and techniques to manage these activities and make sure they are completed on time. Learning to manage your activities, yourself and your life is what matters, not time.

There is a lot to be said for activity management, and we will talk about it in other articles.

Because of the ubiquity of the term "time management", I will continue to use it interchangeably with the words "managing your activities" from here on out. That way you'll know what I'm talking about when you see the term "time management" next time.

Two Pillars of Time Management: Effectiveness and Efficiency

With that said, the essence of what is behind "time management" can be broken down into two parts: effectiveness and efficiency.

First pillar: Effectiveness

Effectiveness in this context refers to doing the important tasks. It means finding your priorities, so finding the tree behind the forest. Focusing on what is necessary to produce the results you want. To say no to those things that don't make sense in your life.

Efficiency is the ability to produce optimum performance with a minimum investment of time and resources. The ultimate in time management would therefore be

First, sort all the activities in your life in order of importance, then

Maximize your output by doing these tasks, as I have illustrated in this chart below.

Does this look familiar? And yes, it is indeed the Eisenhower Matrix. The goal, of course, is to do the Quadrant A tasks first.

Many people think that their problems stem from inefficiency, i.e. that they don't do what they do fast enough. In reality, inefficiency is the problem. You can work as fast as you want, but if you don't work on the right task, it's useless!

To be really efficient, you have to proceed in 2 steps. The first step is to do the important activities rather than the non-important ones. The second is to focus on what is essential in these activities. Let's look at both.

Step 1: Do the important activities first

You are effective when you work on your activities in order of priority. When you notice that you don't have enough time to do something, you haven't prioritized your tasks enough.

You have chosen to do other things instead. Maybe you didn't recognize the importance of one particular task, among all the others you had to do. Or because you got caught up in unnecessary distractions.

For example, let's say you had intended to go to the gym after work. But at work, certain demands held you back until late in the evening. In this case, you prioritized your work over exercise.

You may have felt that the benefits of continuing to work outweighed the benefits of exercising. The urgent nature of work has captured your attention, when you can always exercise at another time. Either way, it is your personal choice to spend your time doing what you do.

Being accountable for your actions and choices is a necessary step to start making progress in your time management. Some people spend their time getting caught up in mindless activities like surfing the internet, chatting, watching TV or hanging out in bed.

There is certainly value in becoming more efficient, but before we try to be more efficient, we should make sure we are effective. Effectiveness should come before efficiency to maximize our results.

Using the example above, you could type the report directly on your computer, rather than writing it on paper and then retyping it on the computer. This way, you save yourself an extra task. You could even delegate the work to someone else, at no cost to your time.

Today there are countless ways to avoid these tedious tasks that do not bring you anything. You can use tools that will do the work for you, in this case using voice recognition software that will transcribe your voice into text.

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