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Task Automation, how to Optimize Your Time?


What is the purpose of task automation?

Task automation is a way to work faster and more efficiently. It allows you to :

manage your time ;

avoid errors;

control data on a larger scale.

By automating, you get more done, at less cost and in greater quantity, which is a strength for small businesses.

What are the benefits of automating certain actions in your business?

Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks. Automation helps you delegate actions, such as basic management or order processing. This eliminates repetitive work manually and allows you to do other more productive tasks.

Save time. You speed up your production, giving you more time to focus on other tasks.

Increased productivity. Automating tasks allows you to work faster and more efficiently. In short, you are more efficient.

Reduced risk. Most mistakes are due to a lack of focus. With automation, you can work more calmly while limiting the risk of making mistakes.

Optimization of process control. You improve the quality of your processes by measuring and monitoring performance indicators.

Standardize quality. Automated results are easier to control, allowing you to better manage the entire process.

Increase the efficiency of your resources. You make the best use of your company's resources, which increases their efficiency.

Automating your tasks may take some time at first. You need to know your needs, your resources and your objectives beforehand. However, you have everything to gain. Especially the possibility to focus on your core business. You are no longer permanently in the operational field. You can look up and anticipate!

When should you set up task automation?

How to distinguish between all the actions and how to know which ones can be automated?

When tasks are too repetitive

This is particularly useful for repetitive actions such as filling in forms, issuing invoices and reports, etc.

By automating them, you save valuable time and productivity. For example, you can use an online billing site instead of having your own billing programs.

Or without added value

Working on repetitive tasks without any added value is not profitable. It is therefore necessary to automate them.

If you need to lay out documents using design software, use scripts. By leveraging this technology, you will not only save time, but also money.

What tasks can be automated?

In everything we do on a daily basis, let's take stock.

Administrative automation

Answering emails

You are probably already aware of the amount of emails you receive every day. So you need to take action to deal with this situation. So much time is wasted reading and answering emails! Software allows you to create automatic responses or templates.

No more copying and pasting. All you have to do is pick the one that suits you best.

Invoicing and reminders

Many invoicing software offer these features.

Your estimate and invoice templates set the framework for your regulatory documents. All you have to do is fill them in when the time comes. All mandatory information is included without risk of omission or error.

Automation of commercial tasks

Appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling can now be automated with free or paid tools. The creation of an agenda for tasks to be performed and the automation of interactions with customers are also possible. Software can be adapted to your needs.


Commercial management is very important for the survival and success of your business because of all the data you have to manage. It is also crucial that all the information is organized, because this is the only way to be sure that the commercial management is reliable.

You organize your sales activity, including managing:

appointments ;

of your prospecting ;

incoming calls

Thanks to your CRM, you have the 

possibility to edit reports that provide useful information.

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